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Kierkegaard and Scepticism Workshop

17 May, 2024

This workshop explored the connection between Kierkegaard’s thought and scepticism, broadly construed. Topics focussed on included Kierkegaard’s conception of doubt, despair, faith and wonder, and their implications for the ethics of belief and an authentic life.

 Speakers included:

  • Roe Fremstedal (Norway) – “Kierkegaard and (the ethics of) Belief.”
  • Erin Plunkett (Hertfordshire) – “Kierkegaard on Doubt, Denial, and the Allure of Certainty.”
  • Alexander Quanbeck (Princeton) – “Doubt’s Despair: Kierkegaard and Moral Responsibility for Believing.”
  • Caecilie Varslev-Pedersen (Southampton) – “Stubborn Individuals: Hegel and Kierkegaard on Existential Scepticism.”
  • Dan Watts (Essex) – “Faith, Doubt, Wonder: Kierkegaard After Trendelenburg.”

Kierkegaard and Scepticism Workshop Schedule

Recordings of each talk will be available here soon.


17 May, 2024


Avenue Campus
University of Southampton, Highfield Road
Southampton, SO17 1BF United Kingdom
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